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Reach out to your best prospects. Make a great impression. Convert them into your best customers. Repeat.

At Mardesco, we’re excited about website design and marketing.

Mardesco is a professional marketing agency serving Salem, Oregon and the greater Willamette Valley.  We provide advanced website design solutions, strategic marketing and advertising campaign management, and stellar logo design work for our clients.  If you are excited about marketing, and you are ready to grow your small business, call Mardesco for a free consultation.

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Marketing strategy for your business



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Make more sales revenue per marketing dollar.

Get better prospects – and more of them! – with strategic marketing campaigns managed by Mardesco.  We help you target your message and your medium to your ideal client base; then track results to improve performance over time.

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Web design

A responsive website, viewed on large monitor and mobile device.

Mardesco creates beautiful website designs.  We build mobile-friendly, responsive sites that work well on devices of many sizes, and rank well in the search engines.  We can customize your website’s design and presentation with icons, imagery, and targeted content.

Mardesco also offers advanced website development solutions that most of our local competitors simply can’t match.  Get a Content Management System (CMS) to simplify your website management.  (We recommend WordPress.)    Contact us for custom website functionality, including custom WordPress plugin extensions tailored to your company’s unique needs.  We offer e-commerce web design, with inventory management and integrated online payment solutions.  And much more!

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Logo design & branding

Logo design Salem OregonIncrease your market share with strong brand recognition.

Your logo design is the most recognizable expression of your brand. Show your unique identity with logo design.

Tell your unique brand story. Branding tells a story about who you are; but more importantly, it tells a story about who your customers are.

Mardesco helps you develop a brand relationship with your client base. Become a known entity to your prospects. Win their trust, win their hearts and minds; win their customer loyalty. Enjoy more engagement and improved customer retention when you remain “top of mind” with your customers.

Be the brand.

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Web design & marketing in Salem, Oregon
The clients I get from my website are the kind of clients I want.

- Patrick Meyers, Owner
Patrick Meyers Woodcraft & Design, Inc.

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