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At Mardesco, we’re excited about marketing and web design.

We enjoy helping you find new customers for your local small business in Salem, Corvallis, and Albany, Oregon.

We believe that marketing is the key to growing a basement startup into a global enterprise. That’s why we’re excited about marketing. We want to help you be excited about marketing, too.

Are you ready to improve your customer retention and grow your market share? Ask us how!

Web design packages

Mardesco offers competitive rates on affordable “package deals” for local small business website design.  Simplify your life, with a standard setup at a convenient flat rate price.  These complete website packages include your first year of website hosting and domain name registration, as well as WordPress site setup with a mobile-friendly, responsive theme. We currently offer three web design package levels:  Startup, Professional, and Enterprise.


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Prospects, Websites, and Branding

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Mardesco is a web developer and professional marketing design agency serving local small business owners in Salem, Corvallis, and Albany, Oregon.

We can help your local small business with prospects, websites, and branding. Our service is technical, professional, and fun. Are you ready to grow your business? Call Mardesco today.

Reliable long-term strategy


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The clients I get from my website are the kind of clients I want.

- Patrick Meyers, Owner
Patrick Meyers Woodcraft & Design, Inc.

Excited about web design & marketing
Strategic marketing for your small business is the key to getting new customers, more repeat customers, and a higher average order value per customer. There are  (...Read More)
Professional web design helps your company make more sales. Mardesco is a local web developer serving small business owners in Salem Oregon, Corvallis, Albany, and  (...Read More)
Design for your customer. The best graphic design makes a statement about your business, and the identity of your customers. The quality and style of your graphic  (...Read More)


target customer

Mardesco is excited about helping you find prospects for your business.

Mardesco helps you identify your best prospects, and send your message directly to them. Turn existing customers into loyal repeat customers. Turn complete strangers into new customers.

Get new prospects through advertising including social media and AdWords campaigns. Stay top of mind with your prospects through direct mail and database marketing.

You can get prospects by advertising to a large audience with media placement; or you can send direct mail to a carefully targeted list of specific individuals.

Our job is to make it happen, and to make it profitable for you.

Web design

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Mardesco helps you maintain a professional online presence.

Keep your branidng consistent with a professional website design. Be found in the search engines.

For many potential customers, your website will be the first thing they notice about you. Make a great first impression.

We build interfaces.

We’re passionate about usability. We build interfaces that enable our clients and their customers to both achieve their objectives.

Our principal has 11 years of experience as a website developer. We design for a broad range of technologies and scripting languages. We prefer mobile-friendly responsive design techniques; and business-owner-friendly content management systems such as WordPress.

Mardesco’s web design services are technical, professional, and fun. We are your local developer, excited about designing business website systems. We specialize in user interface design, and emphasize responsive website designs that adapt their presentation for mobile users. We are WordPress experts, offering website platform conversions, theme customization, site setup, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more.

Is your business ready for a website upgrade? Call Mardesco for your web design needs.

Branding for small business

Your brand identity

Increase your market share with strong brand recognition.

Logo design icon

Your logo design is the most recognizable expression of your brand. Show your unique identity with logo design.

Brand story icon

Tell your unique brand story. Branding tells a story about who you are; but more importantly, it tells a story about who your customers are.

Mardesco helps you develop a brand relationship with your client base. Become a known entity to your prospects. Win their trust, win their hearts and minds; win their customer loyalty. Enjoy more engagement and improved customer retention when you remain “top of mind” with your customers.

Be the brand.

Ask us how.

The sky is the limit.

Save time, make money, and enjoy life more with Mardesco’s marketing, web design, and branding services. Call today and ask us how we can help your business grow.


Marketing strategies
Website design
Direct mail
AdWords campaign
Media placement
Graphic design
Social media
…and much more!

Mardesco provides professional marketing solutions for Oregon small business owners.

Mardesco helps small businesses grow with prospects, websites, and branding. Our work is professional, technical, and fun. Be important and look good with our end-to-end marketing and rebranding solutions.

Grow your business. Get more customers. Improve your image. Look good. Be important. Are you ready to improve your customer retention and grow your market share? Then today is the day to get excited about marketing.

Local Oregon Marketing Agency

Serving Salem, Corvallis, Albany, Keizer

Silverton, Canby, Woodburn, Lebanon, Wilsonville

And surrounding communities
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About Mardesco

local small business owner

Mardesco is run by Jesse Smith, MBA. Smith is excited to share his marketing expertise and website development experience with small business owners and professionals in the greater Salem metro area and throughout the Willamette Valey. From Corvallis to Canby and points in between, you can sit down in person with a certified MBA for a free business consultation.

Mardesco grew out of an Oregon publishing company founded in 2003. We soon learned that a great product is not sufficient to ensure success. If you want to make sales, your small business requires marketing.

Since then, we have worked with client companies in fields including health care, financial services, and construction. Our principal, Jesse Smith, completed his Marketing MBA in 2012. Smith’s expert business advice videos have more than 4,500 views on YouTube.

From the basement to the boardroom, success begins with marketing.

Mardesco is here to help. Contact us today.

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