“Bliss” is Mardesco’s newest theme offering.  This new WordPress theme is based on the “Widgeon Advanced” theme framework, which was built from scratch by Jesse Smith for the Mardesco team. “Bliss” implements the latest WordPress web design technology, and is entirely designed for user-friendliness.  The objective of the Bliss theme is to provide a blissful WordPress theme experience to the end user.

Essentially, Bliss offers premium theme options at a free theme price.  The theme includes a logo uploader; theme color selector; and SEO-friendly, responsive mobile design.

We’re just submitting “Bliss” to the WordPress repository today.  We expect they will probably ask us to make some minor changes, before they approve it; they usually do.  We hope the theme will go live in the WordPress repository soon.  When it does, we’ll be sure to announce it here, as well as on Mardesco’s Twitter feed and Facebook page.

In the meantime, you can view the theme in action on our demo site, Mardesco Themes.