Boldly Go Green

We’ve done it again!  Boldly Go Green is a sibling WordPress theme for our earlier release, Boldly Go Blue.  Like its older sibling, Boldly Go Green is a child theme of the popular Stargazer theme framework by Justin Tadlock.

Mardesco is pleased to announce that Boldly Go Green is now available for free download directly from the official WordPress theme repository.  Alternatively, Boldly Go Green is available for download from Mardesco’s GitHub repository.

Live demo: You can also click here to view a live demo of the theme.

Boldly Go Green is as brightly colorful as the name suggests.  It makes a bold statement about your mood and your company’s green mission.  This theme would be excellent for a landscaping business, a nonprofit corporation, or a personal blog.

The parent theme boasts a sophisticated framework design, including font icons for the social media navigation menu, CSS3 transitions for hover states, and options to modify the header and background.  Mardesco’s child theme adds the cheerful green color scheme, as well as usability improvements including a fixed header navigation menu, and an active “Read More” link.

Boldly Go Green, the Stargazer child theme.  Its continuing mission: to boldly go where no green has gone before!